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Installing the software

There are 2 ways of installing the software:

Locally, by each user

When the Abtrace Proactive Monitoring tool is not installed centrally, each user needs to install the software by following the instructions on this video:

This does not require admin privileges.

Through the MSI

This method is particularly useful when you want to roll out the software across the whole practice.

When the practice decides to roll out the software from a central location, we share an MSI file with the practice (MSIs can be rolled out through most MDMs such as Intune)

The MSI itself installs the Launcher in the c:\ drive.

The Launcher is a tiny piece of software that runs on start-up and either

  • Installs the latest Abtrace Proactive Monitoring tool for that user if it is not installed or
  • starts the tool if it is already installed.

The installer is Launcher is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Abtrace\Proactive Monitoring Launcher

Installing a software on C:\Program Files (x86)\ often requires administrative privileges.


If you are looking to install the Abtrace Proactive Monitoring tool via the launcher, you can use the following switch to select the TPP version of the tool:

& .\ProactiveMonitoringLauncher-0.2.0.msi /passive EHRSELECTION=tpp