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Data Processing Agreement

Before we are able to ingest your patient data into the Proactive Monitoring tool, we need to have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in place.

What is a DPA?

A data processing agreement, or DPA, is an agreement between a data controller (in this case your practice) and a data processor (in this case Abtrace). It regulates any personal data processing conducted for business purposes.

Data processing includes any operation in which data is collected, translated, communicated, and/or classified to produce meaningful information.

Practices that use third parties to process and analyse patients’ personal data require a DPA.

Where do I get a DPA?

Your Abtrace liaison will send you the DPA once you have signed up to the pilot. This comes in an email from PandaDoc and you can sign it electronically.

What comes after?

Once you have signed the DPA, we will counter-sign it and send it back for your records. Abtrace will then reach out to you to organise the setup of the extraction and the configuration of the Abtrace Proactive Monitoring tool.

Once the data ingestion pipeline is set-up, we will let it run for a few days before organising a call with your practice to show you how to use the product.