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Getting started

Please check our User Guide Videos below:

The Abtrace Tool is divided into 3 parts: the Patient View, the Population View and the Optimisation module.

Getting started

The video below shows you how to create a user, request to join an organisation, download and install the tool.

Demo video

The Population view

The Population View lists all patients who have any requirements according to the monitoring guidelines (which means that this doesn’t show everyone in your practice, but only the people who should be monitored). This can be sorted or filtered and then exported as a CSV file. You can reach the Patient View by clicking on a patient within the table.

Troubleshooting: In the first instance, please ‘Quit’ the application and sign back in if there are any problems.

Patient View

The Patient View shows a summary of actions (like blood tests and measurements) that one patient needs. These are colour coded so that you can quickly see which ones are needed today:

  • Overdue (red): action is past the due date
  • Opportunistic (amber): action is not overdue, but due date will be coming up soon
  • Complete (green): action has been done and will not be due again soon

Hovering with your cursor will show you information about each action.   Unselecting ‘Show all tasks’ will hide the actions that don’t need to be done today.

Ticking the action box, or writing in measurements (eg weight) and clicking ‘Save and Close’ will input this information into the health record (SystmOne or EMIS).

Optimisation module

The optimisation module allows you to identify patients that might be mis-coded on your EHR. It provides you with a list of recommendations pertaining to individual patients.

Each recommendation displays a Consider action, typically to add to a certain register and the most recent underlying Reason for that recommendation. After careful review of the patient record, you can accept or reject the recommendation.