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Enhanced Specification 2023-2024 ruleset

The Influenza ES ruleset helps practices to find patients who may be eligible for influenza vaccination between 01-Sep-23 and 31-Mar-24.


Key tips for practices

  • Practices should perform their own check of each patient they see for suitability and eligibility for influenza vaccination.
  • Practices should use their own protocols and templates to record vaccine administration.
  • Abtrace codifies only nationally published business rules. Local areas may have additional eligible groups for influenza vaccination. These patients may not show in the Proactive Monitoring Tool.
  • Abtrace cannot detect all eligible patients for influenza vaccine (for example not all patients with HIV will be detected).
  • Abtrace cannot detect all influenza vaccines given (for example vaccines at another site may not turn the patient’s ‘Influenza vaccine’ prompt green if the code has not been transferred).
  • Abtrace will not show patients who have a contraindication code or influenza vaccine declined code, as showed in NHS England clusters.

See the Abtrace Instructions For Use for more detailed information.

How to use the Influenza ruleset:

  • In the patient view, influenza vaccines will be recommended under the ‘Other’ category


  • In the population view, influenza vaccines can be searched for in the ‘Task’ filter, and split by the ‘Indication’ filter as needed. From here patients can be bulk messaged and sent an appointment booking link.


EMIS practices are able to set up automatic invitations for influenza vaccines, which can be sent once per week. Contact for more information.